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Implementation details will be introduced to promote the revitalization of key industries
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               "Structural adjustment in the growth direction, the focus on promoting structural adjustment, accelerate the development of new growth points, consolidate and develop the momentum of economic stabilization and recovery industry." Harbin to participate in provincial cities by the national (trade) commission tenth the second joint meeting of the Ministry of industry and Information Technology vice minister Miao Wei, referring to China's industrial future, actively respond to the topic of confidence in the international financial crisis.
              Speaking of the first half of China's industrial economy to overcome the enormous impact the global financial crisis impact, reversing the sharp decline in growth momentum, effectively promote economic stabilization and recovery of the "victories" have been influential in the Chinese auto industry reveals the joy of words Miao Wei : "The national policy guidance, see the steady growth of industrial production rose, the overall profit situation gradually changed. most provinces, municipalities and industrial growth accelerated, which in the first half of Heilongjiang Province, the industrial added value increased by 1.1 percentage points higher than the national, Harbin 3 percentage points higher than the national fixed assets investment growth, pulling raw materials, manufacturing equipment to speed up recovery. rapid growth in the domestic market, supporting the consumer goods industry, electronics manufacturing industry running smoothly .


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