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Will take seven measures to promote China's auto parts and auto parts exports to China
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Will take seven measures to promote China's auto parts and auto parts exports to China

         Countries are taken to stabilize the export tax rebate, seven major initiatives to increase financial support to further promote China's auto parts exports. The state will maintain the stability of automotive products export tax rebate policy, adhere to "levy the amount of back number" principle, maintain the 17% export tax rebate rate remains unchanged. Encourage financial institutions to policy loans, mortgage loans, export orders, export corporate finance to support a variety of ways. Key support vehicles, equipment manufacturing, electronic information industry exports. Other initiatives include support for business innovation, to accelerate national auto and parts export base, increase auto exports to public service platform to support efforts to promote international cooperation and exchange companies, effectively deal with international trade barriers. According to "auto industry restructuring and revitalization of planning" requirements, the Ministry of Commerce together with the State Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and other relevant departments to draft the "export of automotive products on the promotion of sustained and healthy development view", from product development, public information services, credit insurance and other aspects of the relevant policy measures.



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